What a League

 Rereading the excerpt provided in class from the book A League of Denial. I have come up with a new analysis of excerpt central idea and main points. I believe that this part of the excerpt focuses on the NFL’s growing concussion problem and the crazed statistic that was given. When the NFL’s Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, was asked about the concussion problem by Journalist David Halberstam he dismissed the issue and in support claimed that the “NFL experienced one concussion every three or four games….2.5 concussions for every 22,000 players engaged.” Halberstam clearly did not find such to be true. Making statements such as “I feel I’m back in Vietnam hearing [Robert] McNamara give statistics” retaining to surreal stats during the Vietnam War during the 1960’s, which he covered.

     I choice to write about this initially because I play the game of football and thought I could relate to the topic easily. Being a person who is around the sport on a day-to-day basis and watches the game sees the stats presented in this excerpt knows that it’s a lie. I chose to revise this piece of writing for my blog because I felt like there was a stronger central main idea in the text to be recognized. That I had more to express about the text, than in the first draft.

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